Saskatchewan gravel roads

30 Jul

Some old paved roads on hwy #13 in remote southwest corner of the province have been covered over with glacial gravel instead of proper repair.
It’s sort of like riding on ball bearings. Some of the deep gravel got the best of my front tire and I lowsided at about 45kph.

site of my lowside wipeout on old paved road recently graveled

No real damage, and no injury; my Road Crafter suit worked well, so did the lever guards. The tough aluminum side cases do a great protecting the bike. The nice irony about this gravel is that bikes and riders can slide nicely with minimal harm on it. No good for tire traction, but ok to slide on.
Reid, if you’re following, Jack’s Cafe in Eastend SK was closed but I ate a good sandwich across the road at Charlies Lunch. I was a bit off my game after my slide, and didn’t get to some places that you suggested. I’m revising my route this evening to get south to hwy #18 tomorrow. I’ve learned on this trip so far, that neither South Dakota nor Saskatchewan have much shade and both seem to be hot and windy. Strong crosswinds and loose gravel roads make for very technical riding; so on my fully loaded Vstrom I’m very challenged.
Another T storm is happening this evening, glad I in a motel in Ponreix and not my tent.
I stopped briefly for a break and quickly looked at the museum in Cadilac.



I had some cold rootbeer upon checkin at the Parkside Inn; where there is a train out my window between the motel and the park.


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