Vancouver BC ….. I made it !

11 Jul

The Vstrom has  been running perfectly ( thanks to Barry in Kingston), and got it’s well deserved oil & filter change at North Shore Suzuki in Vancouver. It’s now all washed and ready for a week of 2-up riding with Sam.

I took this snowy mountain picture yesterday with my Fugi X10 camera which has been working well; although I’ve had no way to dump pics or post them until today. I’ve occasionally taken a pic with my phone and sometimes posted it. I do have about 900 real pictures and will get around to posting some and putting some in photobucket.

On a personal note, I went to Mountain View Cemetery in the center of downtown Vancouver and visited the grave of Gordon Taylor Binnington. I have  his name, and both he and my son have Taylor, have his mother’s maiden name.  He would have been my uncle had he not drowned at a young age of only age 2 1/2 years old; just a couple of years before my father was born.  It’s a beautiful well cared for location sometimes shaded with some old apple trees.  I watched some young kids closeby who are allowed to skate-board and play “respectfully” on the grounds. It was comfort for me to know that my uncle surely rests in a good place.


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