Bear encounter

7 Jul

In Glacier park,  slightly off the main hwy down a mile of narrow one lane gravel to Packers Roost ( a quiet place suggested to me while I ate my Polebridge pie earlier in the day) I found an old cabin with a shaded porch for a much needed nap. I was hot and very much in need of a break. I had been sound asleep lying on my stomach on top of my riding suit, aka The Aetostich Hotel, when I was startled by a touch on the back of my head. I sat upright thinking and yelled; not yet realizing that it was a bear that had touched me.   Luckily the bear was just checking me out. My camera was handy and it stayed close-by long enough for me to gets many pics. Three rangers have confirmed by my pictures that it was a cinnamon coloured Black bear; and not a grizzly.  Possibly a 2 or 3 year old male or a full grown female. Although it never made any sounds and didn’t appear to have any intention to harm me, it did spoil my nap.   I had a spray can of bear spray in my pocket but was not threatened so never really thought to use it.  Obviously it was bold to approach me but I guess was just curious.  I had taken some pictures of the cabin before resting and from the time on the camera I know that I was asleep for only 25 minutes.

I am beginning to seriously wonder about my placement of a friendship bracelet at Medicine Wheel and the spirits that may be keeping me safe on my tripimage

I am so looking forward to Sammy joining me in a week to share this amazing adventure.

just after I was awakened

Aerostich Hotel after my shortened nap


One Response to “Bear encounter”

  1. Jason Calder July 19, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    I came upon the scene about 60 seconds after Gord was awoken by the bear. I had my own fright as the bear was wandering around right where I needed to go to get to the road! He finally stood on his hind legs looking in my direction and, once he confirmed I was walking up the trail, he took off running. Gord and I had a good laugh about it and he kindly gave me a ride on his bike up to my car which was several miles away. Gord, I have a picture of you on your bike on the highway if you want it. Safe travels!

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