Ready to Leave

18 Jun

After months of dreaming, researching and planning, I’m excited and I think I’m ready to leave Wednesday morning, just 2 days from now. I’ve rebuilt most of my gps routes and stored about 130 points of interest (waypoints and recommended campsites and eateries). I don’t expect any challenging navigation issues until I’m on some gravel mountain backroads in Montana.

Depending on weather, and rain soaked gravel or dirt roads in the badlands or mountains, my route plans may have to be changed as I go. Riding solo sucks if I slip and fall down with a heavily loaded motorcycle to pick up. Greg Powell has 3 tips that he has learned from riding solo….

My Suzuki Vstrom has new Metzler Tourance dual-purpose tires, which I’ve proven to be excellent on dry or rain soaked pavement and very predictable on dry gravel well surfaced roads. With my short legs and the large loaded bike I’m challenged on uneven bumpy loose surfaces and these tires are poor in sand or slippery mud. The bike also has new rear wheel bearings, rear brakes pads and of course an oil and filter change. It’s proven to be completely reliable and I plan an oil change in Vancouver and don’t expect any mechanical issues or repairs during this trip.

I’ll cross the Canada US border at Sarnia/Port Huron and won’t get back to Canada until about July 12 at Sumas WA, just before I get to Vancouver BC.

My passage is booked to cross lake Michigan on June 22 aboard the last US coal-fired steamship; the SS Badger is now historically designated. I’ll be loading at 8:00am in Ludington and crossing to Manitowac Wisconsin. From there on it’s just me and the open road; I’ve only a rough schedule to follow so that I do in fact get to Vancouver in time to meet Sam on July 14.


One Response to “Ready to Leave”

  1. Sam June 19, 2012 at 8:24 pm #

    Ride safe, eat healthly and I’ll see you in Vancouver. Love you lots. Sammy

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